Expedited Passport: How to Bypass the Six-Month Wait for Your Passport

Unfortunately such things as out of country business trips, deaths of loved ones, weddings, funerals etc., see us needing to travel almost on the spur of the moment at times. With lengthy time frames for visa lodgment and returns, we often are placed in a situation we see no solution to. But wait! FLY Backpackers - Passport & Visa Services may have the solution for you.

We may be able to see an end in sight for you panic attack. Thus we may perhaps be able to eliminate your wait and therefore bypass the usual six month wait frame for this much needed item your passport. I have been placed in this predicament and I certainly can attest to the fact that my nerves were almost shot to pieces.

I had one week to get to my destination otherwise I would not be hired for a very important career change, which I had coveted for many years. Thus my interview was indeed important. Unfortunately at that particular time in my life, I had never traveled abroad nor did I own a visa or passport.

Imagine how I felt, there was no way I was going to admit this to my potential employer yet I was in for a major panic attack indeed. I rang a great friend who had traveled frequently, only to be told the standard time frame for the required documentation.

Disheartened, I envisioned my career slowly sliding down the chute of disappointment. It seemed so ironic that the wait was so long, when there is so much travel promotion within magazines and so forth. Travel brings so much money into a country, it certainly was a major surprise to learn the time involved.

I would have thought that with this in mind, there would have been major changes made years ago to override this problem. With time extremely limited I then rang another friend who had traveled internationally only recently. What a gem she was. "Don't panic" I think I may be able to assist you.

I sighed with relief and that definitely is an understatement. After fifteen minutes she called me back with two solutions. Yes two options I had, when only a few minutes earlier I thought I had none! Thus one option was to go immediately to speak to the passport authorities, or to pay someone to do something on my behalf.

That is where FLY Backpackers - Passport & Visa Services came into the picture. We offer services such as a personal runner, of all things! Who actually ensures that your passport is processed rapidly, based on its urgency. (Within 3-6 days or as fast as a 24 hour time frame). Now this certainly was a relief, I can assure you. I opted for the same day passport of course.

I must admit I was a little dubious yet I had no call for worry. Entrusting someone else with all your personal details, is not something most people enjoy doing. But all was well above board, fast and indeed efficient.

In actual fact, there are numerous companies that do the exact same thing yet the beauty of doing so through FLY Backpackers - Passport & Visa Services is that we are actually located right where the passport offices are. Thus there is no chance of problems arising from any avenue.

FLY Backpackers - Passport & Visa Services is extremely proud of its reputation and so it should be. (Fast, efficient, and indeed offering varied options for passport services.) The staff is more than happy to answer your every query. The approximately cost of $169.95 is in my opinion, well worth every cent.

FLY Backpackers - Passport & Visa Services has all the resources and knowledge needed for assisting you in every way possible. They have direct channels for all your requisites and inquiries.

When you are in a hurry and need assistance turn to FLY Backpackers - Passport & Visa Services, you will be glad you did!

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