Complete Directory of All Embassies Around the World

Each year tourists flock to all corners of the world, for pleasure, business, leisure, study, and often weddings and funerals etc. Therefore it is indeed crucial for the traveler to have all areas of their travel plans prepared well ahead of the scheduled departure.

Your travel will certainly be much more pleasant if it is stress free. Thus with this in mind, the many areas of pre-preparation must surely be your main focus. This is just as important as your journey, so one would be well advised to have a check-list amongst their many needed travel documents.

First and foremost is your health, so make sure you have a clean bill of health, and all inoculation which is needed to prevent you the traveler, from all diseases. If you do take any form of medication, ensure that this is permitted to be taken into your chosen travel venue.

These documents (travel tickets, visas, passports, photo identification, embassy/study invitations, and so forth) are vital needs to even gaining authority to travel anywhere. Without them you are as grounded as a wayward child.

Your passport must be up to date, and have at least six months validity left on it, in some countries the criteria for entry is much more detailed.

For instance: In Russia you will be questioned as to where you are staying, who with, the address, and so much more. You will be required to prove evidence of this in the manner of documentation/letters from educational facilities, employer invitations and so forth.

Rules are not set rules, and taking that into consideration, you would be well advised to make inquiries at your nearest embassy for more advice. Changes can occur at any time, so do not leave yourself open to disappointment. Rules can and often do, vary from country to country.

There are many websites on the Internet to assist you in finding all the traveling information you need. FLY Backpackers partner's - VisaHQ is the best in my opinion, they offer so much for the unseasoned and seasoned traveler. (Sounds a little like a "pot roast!")

At FLY Backpackers - Passport & Visa Services (which actually is known to have the largest and most comprehensive data base in the world.) You will find helpful and courteous people, whose main focus is to assist you in all aspects of your travel needs and queries. I found the site very easy to comprehend and navigate. A 10/10 rating is what I personally gave this site for excellence.

Passport & Visa applications can be requested as well as processed here. This is a universal website, as well as free standing establishment, and thus caters for all world travelers. You can visit by the Internet or yes in person.

FLY Backpackers - Passport & Visa Services is easily found on Embassy Row in Washington DC, and here you will get your visa in a very short time without any fuss. This is where you can request a new passport, renew your recently expired one, or lodge a lost passport application.

… Thus you will find an alphabetical, worldwide directory, for every embassy and consulate in the universe. There is also a simplified search engine which may come in handy.

… Was basically found to be for the person seeking general information for embassies, in reference to all embassy addresses, websites and so forth.

Here you will find all the criteria needed for passports and visas, as well as a medley of other very detailed, often much needed, information. The only thing I was a little annoyed about, were the detours needed to get into some other areas for general information. It was basically, as frustrating as taking the back roads, when you have a freeway running parallel to you.

If you are intending future travels, I would advise you to set this website under your favorites or to bookmark it. This will save you time and effort, if it is at hand, whenever needed. Everything you need is right there and it is indeed a website set out for easy navigation.

Register while you are browsing the site, this is crucial in case you are involved in an accident or any unforeseen disaster. (Being on the register enables the embassy to know where you are, and if at all needed, where to contact you or your next of kin.) People go missing when there is a national disaster, such as floods, fire and so forth.

Unfortunately, families often worry unnecessarily due to the fact that one does not know where to begin to look for you. Don't cause your family any unnecessary grief. Signing up (registering) also give you the added bonus of being well informed of any imminent dangers, tsunami warnings, hurricanes, terrorist attacks and so forth.

All registration information is confidential, so there is no need to worry that your details will be passed on to anyone. also has the added bonus of forewarnings of health epidemics as well. Thus if you are registered, you will automatically have detailed accounts of any imminent dangers due to disease outbreaks.

This site is indeed a gem, with a wealth of information which most websites lack. Alphabetical searches are easily accessed and in actual fact, one area even contains information about overseas adoption!

If you are a businessman look under the "B" section for business travel information. "C" for Consulates and so forth, it's that easy.

Have a Safe and Wonderful Trip wherever YOU Go!!!
Bon voyage!

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